WEDU Arts Plus is a weekly arts and culture program produced by PBS affiliate WEDU. It is devoted to telling stories of the individuals and cultural organizations that make West Central Florida – Florida’s Cultural Coast – a vibrant region. These stories are combined with others from around the country to form an entertaining weekly series. WEDU Arts Plus is broadcast to more than 5 million people throughout WEDU’s 16 county viewing area and is available to anyone, anywhere online. (Source:

I was a co-host of WEDU Arts Plus from the program’s debut in 2013 until 2016, as well as a freelance producer of program segments. Below, you will find a sample episode along with individual segments produced by me and directed by Frank Rodriguez of ES Creative Studio.

Segment 431: Trenton Doyle Hancock
Meet artist Trenton Doyle Hancock, featured at The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. (September 2015)

Episode 423 (July 2015)

Segment 330: The Urban Conga
The Urban Conga aims to enliven Tampa Bay’s public spaces through interactive public art. (October 2014)

Segment 316: Edgar Sanchez Cumbas
West Tampa artist Edgar Sanchez Cumbas uses his artwork to depict this reality. (May 2014)

Segment 210: Kirk Ke Wang
Wang, a Chinese-American artist, creates sugar bombs to bring attention to propaganda. (11/2013)

Segment 118: Duncan McClellan
Glass artist Duncan McClellan & the Warehouse Arts District open up in St. Petersburg. (July 2013)

Segment 109: Painter Philip Pearlstein
Celebrated painter Philip Pearlstein discusses an exhibit at The Museum of Art in St. Pete. (May 2013)

Segment 103: Leave a Message
Florida-based graffiti artists and illustrators showcase wide-ranging urban art. (March 2013)